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Ron Falk, MD with Welcome text on top of photo.It is with a great sense of gratitude and pride that I welcome you to the UNC Department of Medicine. The Department of Medicine has a long and enduring tradition of teaching physicians as primary care providers, specialists, academic physician-scientists, and leaders in medical, governmental and industry management and initiatives. I took this helm on June 1, 2015 with a commitment to honor our past and willingness to embrace the changing future of health-care delivery. For indeed there is a shift in how patient care is provided and a shift in how we must prepare our health care team to meet the challenges that these changes will bring. 

At our core, this Department of Medicine strives to provide a sense of family and a sense of belonging that reaches beyond the acquisition of medical knowledge and technical proficiency. This is a culture I intend to foster for all who participate in our department, regardless of an individual’s chosen career path. We will prepare many of you as superb generalists, recognizing that approximately half of our graduates enter general internal medicine practice. But we also provide rich post-residency fellowships and innovative curriculums to train physician-scientists. We strive to recruit a housestaff that represents a diverse background with an array of career goals—and provide excellence in instruction, training and mentorship to prepare you well so that you may fully realize your career goals. 

To illustrate our current performance among medical centers, we have ranked 6th or 7th nationally in NIH grants received among departments of medicine for many years. This means that there is broad-based and significant research with palpable, recognizable outcomes, presenting many opportunities for those who seek a path that includes research. 

In patient care, one of our defining characteristics is empowerment and trust of resident physicians who are at the bedside, accepting the enormous personal responsibility of decision-making in what is patient-centered care. 

Our rich and broad experience has taught us that when the best education, the best patient care, and the best research not only meet, but become partners in common goals, possibilities are redefined and the greatest advances are attained. I am excited about meeting expectant applicants and getting to know those who are fortunate to match to our program in this very special place—Chapel Hill. We seek applicants who are committed to achieving their best. In turn, we will provide our best to you in helping you achieve your goals. 

Ron Falk, MD

Chair, Department of Medicine