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UNC offers a broad range of experiences in global health clinical care and research, as well as didactic activities covering myriad topics in the School of Medicine, School of Public Health, and others. In order to enhance the professional development of Internal Medicine residents who are interested in pursuing global health careers, a Global Health Pathway was established and welcomed its first cohort in 2020. The Pathway includes four key components: mentorship, didactic curriculum, clinical experiences, and scholarship. Residents will receive a Distinction in Global Health at the completion of residency training. For those formally accepted into the Global Health Pathway, they will be required to attend various didactic lectures, participate in at least 2 months of global health clinical experiences abroad or locally with local global populations during residency, and complete at least one scholarly project during residency.  

Residents interested in global health are also able to participate in global health opportunities through the Office of Global Health Education independent of the Global Health Pathway. These residents can also still benefit from funding for these rotations and projects.  

More information about the Global Health Pathway can be found on their website here.