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Residents as Teachers 

Our residents play an essential role in educating patients, medical students, and peers during their training. Residents get formal and informal training in educational theory and teaching techniques and receive individualized observation and feedback. We highlight teaching styles ranging from the 5-minute preceptor to chalk-talks to large group lecture formats. Residents present at least two case-based morning reports annually during the upper-level years while additional organized teaching opportunities are never in short supply. For those with a particular passion for medical education we offer a resident teaching elective and/or application to our Academy of Educators.   

Resident Teaching Elective 

This elective is available for upper-level residents and is designed to give dedicated time and resources for residents to learn more about theories of adult learning and medical education. It creates dedicated teaching opportunities such as small group chalk talks, one-on-one mentorship with medical students, journal clubs, and large group teaching sessions. The resident teaching elective gives a platform for residents to begin building a portfolio of teaching resources and receive feedback from faculty to encourage growth. Residents work closely with experienced teaching faculty who continue to mentor individuals interested in careers in education.  

Academy of Educators 

Residents have the opportunity to apply to the Academy of Educators. Founded in 2006, the Academy of Educators is designed to emphasize teaching and support faculty development both in Chapel Hill and across the state. Beginning with only faculty members, we have included trainees in our mission to promote peer-to-peer leadership and teaching. We’ve grown to over 280 faculty members and 100 resident members. Faculty and residents represent a diverse population of educators in various specialties. Learn more about the Academy of Educators.