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Here at UNC, we strive to train exceptional physicians in a culture of collegiality, support and collaboration. Our program takes a number of steps to provide our residents with support both inside and outside of the hospital. Senior residents get one month of dedicated time for research and non-clinical activities each year in addition to our innovative and beloved “nightcation” schedule, where residents work 7 contiguous nights and one clinic day during their 14-day night block, leaving several days free for scholarly activities, travel, and quality time with friends and family. Interns get one half-days during their elective blocks off for administrative time. Our X+X+Y schedule lends itself uniquely to having protected time off outside of the hospital and often provides everyone with two golden weekends every six weeks. 

Inside the hospital, we feel passionately about supporting our residents in myriad ways to maintain a fun and rewarding work atmosphere and help prevent physician burnout.  


  • Breakfast and lunches provided at conferences 
  • Freedom Pay (program adds money based on hours worked; can be used at cafeterias) 
  • Candy and beverages available in the Residency office 
Drs. Paul Guido, from left, Tyler McMillan, and Patrick O’Shea face off in a friendly foosball match in the resident KICKU during some down time at work.


Regular Program-wide Events 

  • Intern Welcome Picnic 
  • FallFest – typically a family-friendly outdoor event hosted by the Department of Medicine and available to all residents and their families 
  • SpringFest – Spring party for medicine housestaff at Department of Medicine Chair’s home 
  • Interview Kick-off / Fellowship Match Day Party 
  • Intern Retreat and Senior retreats. Full weekend of coverage provided to all PGY1s and PGY3s; residents usually rent a beach house to celebrate for the weekend 

Increasing Time Spent with the Patient (and Away from the Computer) 

  • Resident assistants to help with administrative tasks (e.g. scheduling follow-up studies/appointments, obtaining medical records from other hospitals) 
  • Patient-centered bedside rounds which increase patient satisfaction, increase time at the bedside, and shorten the overall length of rounds 

Providing Support 

  • Intern Advisory/Mentorship groups 
  • Bi-annual meetings with the program director 
  • Chief’s open door policy 

Financial Planning 

Taking Care of Our Own 

Recognizing that our physicians at UNC may need help from time to time to cope with the challenges of their professional journey, Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody, with the generous support of the Sanders Clinical Scholars Program, began a program called “Taking Care of Our Own.” This program provides education, confidential support, advice, and if needed, appropriate professional referral for individual mental or physical help that meets your needs. Read more on the Taking Care of Our Own site. 

  • Confidential psychiatry and therapy 
  • Specifically for residents 
  • Covered by insurance 
  • Incredible support 
  • Many residents take advantage


For information about scheduling an appointment or inquiries regarding scheduling a lecture, please contact one of the following:

Samantha Meltzer-Brody, MD

Samantha Meltzer-Brody, MD
(919) 445-0215 

Nadia Charguia, MD

Nadia Charguia, MD
Associate Director
(919) 966-3362 

Theresa Raphael-Grimm, PhD, CNS

Theresa Raphael-Grimm, PhD, CNS
Associate Director, Psychotherapy Services
(919) 966-3649 

Holly Krohn, MPH

Holly Krohn, MPH 
Program Manager
(919) 445-0218