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The mission of the Department of Medicine Residency Program is to foster the development of outstanding internists. Under the guidance of dedicated faculty who value resident autonomy, residents become skilled in the care of patients in both the inpatient and ambulatory settings. Residents learn compassionate team-based care, always mindful of the best evidence to support clinical decisions. Guided by a strong sense of altruism, our residents embrace the concepts of life-long learning and teaching.

The UNC Way…more than collegiality

A message from the Program Director

Collegiality – “the cooperative relationship of colleagues”. Many programs boast of their collegial atmosphere. Their collegial spirit. Collegiality and camaraderie.

At UNC, we value but expect more than collegiality. We believe that collegiality must be coupled with a respect for one another that is more important than hierarchy. We believe that collegiality must exist within an open community that emphasizes the importance of resident autonomy, shared values, and a common mission. Collegiality brings us together, but it is the culture of UNC that keeps us here.

Shared respect and open community, not hierarchy: The Department of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a distinguished reputation among the top departments in the country – excelling in research, academic scholarship, education, and patient care. Although many of our faculty have leadership positions in national and international organizations and are broadly recognized for their outstanding accomplishments, they work alongside our residents- side by side – with shared goals in the outpatient and inpatient settings.

Resident autonomy: Our strengths include a philosophy that resident autonomy grows in a clinically challenging yet supportive environment, an emphasis on producing internists who have a solid general foundation via the breadth of clinical expertise, mentoring, and research opportunities provided by our unique subspecialty training experiences, and a culture of respect for resident opinion and involvement.

Shared values: Many programs speak of “collegiality” – but being collegial is not merely enough in today’s world. We strongly believe that collegiality is important but is only the foundation for creating a strong and supportive community. A supportive community in which every person can be comfortable in being their individual selves and each person can feel empowered to speak up and contribute is essential to creating a safe and effective learning environment.

Common mission: Our program and its people value diversity and inclusion, respect for each individual, and the importance of fairness and justice. We are privileged to work at a proud, public institution, and are brought together by our shared mission and values.

Culture: Collegiality is often a talking point. It is only when you move beyond mere collegiality and find doctors who bring not only a collegial attitude but a kind heart, a sense for justice, a dedication to their peers and patients, and a humble spirit that you have the “UNC Way”. Collegiality brings us together, culture keeps us here.

We encourage you to learn more about our program and understand what makes UNC and Chapel Hill a truly special place.

Debra L. Bynum, MD, MMEL, FACP
Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program


Dr. Debra L. Bynum, MD, MMEL, FACP
Dr. Debra L. Bynum

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