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Dr. Monica Diaz spoke with Neurology Today about her work in Peru and the UNC Neurology Residency Exchange Program. Dr. Diaz coordinates exchange program in the city of Lima, Peru at the public hospital, Cayetano Heredia Hospital.


Ideally, Dr. Diaz said, “residents will learn how to truly rely on the neurologic exam to make a diagnosis and a treatment plan because you might not have immediate access to a CT scan, MRI, or continuous EEG. It will teach them to be more practical with any tests being ordered as well. And I think it’s useful for residents in Peru to hear from US neurology residents about areas like neurologic ICU care, which is very limited there.”

UNC Neurology’s residency exchange program was designed by Drs. Diaz and Rubinos to foster a community of neurologists and researchers working in global neurology, facilitate neurological training, and serve as a resource for students and trainees at all levels to learn more about global neurology. The Global Health in Neurology rotation program currently is a 4-weeks, mentored residency training program in Peru. Neurology residents rotate with UNC neurology faculty at Hospital Cayetano Heredia and shadow Dr. Diaz in neuroimmunology or epilepsy, stroke or movement disorders clinic.

You can read the full article here.