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New e-consult service allows referring primary care providers to receive comprehensive and timely recommendations from UNC Department of Neurology specialists.

UNC Hospitals Neurology Clinic

Following a successful pilot program that started in April 2020, the UNC Department of Neurology is now offering e-consults to referring providers who have specific clinical questions regarding their patients’ care. This service offers patients and their providers access to a formal, one-time consultation that includes a thorough chart review and a written recommendation that is sent back to the referring provider within three days.

We are proud to announce that UNC Adult Neurology has now serviced over 50 e-consults for patients throughout the UNC Health system with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The e-consult service allows us to answer relevant neurological care questions for our provider community; give providers the ability to act rapidly for their patients via directed recommendations; improve access to our neurologists; and reduce the overall cost of specialty care without a compromise in the quality. We are grateful to our referring providers for requesting these e-consults when appropriate.

How to Request an Ambulatory Neurology E-Consult
Our offerings have grown to include general neurology as well as subspecialty providers who accept referrals for patients over the age of 18. To request an e-consult through Epic, search and complete an order for “Ambulatory e-consult to Neurology.” We ask that referring providers complete the entire form, including a specific question for our providers to address in their recommendations. If the e-consult request does not contain the necessary clinical question or information, it will be returned to the ordering provider for completion. You may also fax a referral request to (984) 974-2285 that includes patient and contact information along with your specific question. Should you have any questions, please call the clinic at (984) 974-4401. Please remind your patient prior to requesting an e-consult that they and/or their insurance will be billed for the service which may lead to an out of pocket expense.