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Department of Neurosurgery

UNC Neurosurgery provides advanced adult neurosurgery services in Chapel Hill and at a growing number of regional neurosurgery clinic locations that include Hillsborough, Pinehurst and South Boston, Virginia. We offer pediatric neurosurgery clinics in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Sanford and Wilmington.

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Neurosurgery Department News

  • Pediatric Epilepsy Patient Enjoys Seizure-Free Life After Epilepsy Surgery at UNC Health

    Coryzma experienced seizures for years before receiving a diagnosis. She described her seizures as feeling like déjà vu and at one point, Coryzma was having about five seizures a day, many times blacking out completely. Finally in seventh grade, Coryzma was diagnosed with epilepsy. Coryzma’s mother, Christina, chose to go to the UNC Epilepsy Center … Continued

  • New Focused Ultrasound Effective for treating Parkinson’s, Movement Disorders

    In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine co-authored by Vibhor Krishna, associate professor of neurosurgery at the UNC School of Medicine, researchers show that a new focused ultrasound treatment improved dyskinesia and motor impairment in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Read the full article in the New England Journal of Medicine. Read … Continued

  • Dr. Atil Kargi Joins the Multidisciplinary UNC Pituitary Center

    Neuroendocrinologist Dr. Atil Kargi joined the UNC Pituitary Center team as a Professor and Co-director of the Pituitary Center in the Department of Neurosurgery. Dr. Kargi specializes in diseases of the pituitary gland including pituitary tumors, hypopituitarism, Cushing’s disease, Acromegaly, Prolactinoma, adult growth hormone deficiency, and diabetes insipidus. Dr. Kargi will work closely with UNC … Continued

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