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Prioritization of Requests

Rotations are NOT based on first-come first-served basis.  APP student rotation requests MUST adhere to the application deadlines and are prioritized as follows:

  1. UNC-Chapel Hill students
  2. UNC Health employees
  3. Other UNC system schools
  4. Other in state schools
  5. NC residents attending out of state programs
  6. Out of state students in out of state programs

Important Deadlines

Due to the high volume of NP, PA, CNM, DNP and MSN student clinical rotation requests, requests must only be placed during specified date ranges so that the requests can be prioritized by the APP Center.  NP, PA, CNM, DNP, and MSN students must apply during the appropriate time period based on the start date of the rotation.  Use the chart below to determine when to apply.  If you have more than one rotation request, you MUST submit a separate application for EACH rotation request.

General OBGYN: Currently, there are NO Women’s Health rotations available in general OBGYN through 2024 for any students.   Rotations may resume in Spring 2025.  When rotations resume, general OBGYN rotations are ONLY for students who are focused on Women’s Health for their career or who have prior Women’s Health experience.  General OBGYN does not precept FNP students who need to fulfill a general women’s health requirement without an interest in women’s health.

Also, there are LIMITED opportunities for Primary Care rotations at UNC Hospital/SOM Clinics for all patient populations (Adult PC and Pediatric PC).  The number of potential primary care APP preceptors is quite small because UNC Hospitals/SOM clinics have very few APPs in general primary care.  Most of the providers at the Primary Care clinics are physicians.  However, the APP Center ONLY has APPs in its preceptor data base because the physicians precept Medical Students.

The APP Center ONLY reviews rotation request applications that are submitting during the following time periods:

Rotation StartSubmit Rotation Request Application Rotation Notification (email from APP Center)
Fall Rotations
(August - December)
March 1 - May 31June 15
Spring Rotations
(January - April)
June 1 - October 15November 15
Summer Rotations
(May - July)
Nov 1 - February 28March 15
*Special Deadline: CNM/WHNP student rotation requests9 - 12 months prior to rotation3 months prior to rotation