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Step 1 NP, CNM, DNP, MSN, CAA, CRNA Student submits rotation request application during Application DEADLINE timeline Application Deadlines


Application Form

Step 2 APP Center prioritizes requests, reviews preceptor availability and student capacity limits in the requested division/clinic.  APP Center confirms rotation via email IF/when the rotation is approved.  Confirmation email contains a Qualtrics Student EPIC Identifiers survey link that student must complete to begin the compliance and on boarding process. Rotation Request PRIORITY


See confirmation email for Qualtrics EPIC Id Link

Step 3 If rotation is approved, APP Center verifies status of a Clinical Affiliation Agreement between UNC-Hospitals and the educational institution.  If no active agreement exists, the APP Center emails the educational institution the UNC-Hospitals clinical affiliation agreement template for signature. Clinical Affiliation Agreement Info LINK
Step 4 Student and school review the compliance and on boarding requirements required by the clinical affiliation agreement and begin compiling the required documentation (see link for detailed list of compliance requirements). Detailed list of Compliance Requirements: Immunization, CPR, Background, Drug Screen, Insurance
Step 5 Student may contact the preceptor to work out scheduling details once the rotation confirmation is received.  The preceptors email is located in the rotation confirmation email. n/a (see confirmation email)
Step 6 Student completes compliance & on boarding requirements, including LMS modules.

Note:  Employees completing a Student rotation MUST not use their employee EPIC access.

APP Student Hospital Computer Access


LMS compliance and Epic training modules LINK


Checklist of all requirements LINK

Step 7 Student submits COI, LMS Transcript and Compliance Summary Report to APP Center via Qualtrics Upload survey link Qualtrics LINK for compliance doc Uploads 2022
Step 8 APP Center reviews student documents and sends CLEARANCE email to student, school and preceptor n/a (see clearance email)
Step 9 Student picks up Photo ID Badge Badge Instructions/FAQs
Step 10 Student completes clinical rotation n/a