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The APP Center will place a request with Hospital ISD to create a domain account for your LMS and EPIC access.  ISD will send an email to the APP Center with the student’s UNC Health Care domain account login credentials and EID number.  The APP Center will email the LOGIN credentials to the student.  The student should SAVE the email with their login information.  The email will also contain the instructions for changing your temporary password and setting up DUO and Citrix.

AFTER you receive the email from the APP Center with your Hospital LOGIN information and have completed your account and computer set up (changed password, set up DUO, set up Citrix receiver), log into LMS to complete the EPIC and HCS Regulatory Compliance modules listed below.

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your username and password.  Your username is your u#.  Your password is what you selected when you changed your temporary password.
    3. Click on the LMS tile/icon and complete the LMS modules listed below.
      1. NOTE:  If LMS will not open via MyApps, go to

LMS Module Instructions:

IF you have NEVER completed the APP Student Epic training modules in LMS, you MUST complete them for your rotation.  There is one APP Student Epic training modules and one HCS Regulatory Compliance training module.  IF you have previously completed the APP Student EPIC Training modules in LMS, you do NOT need to repeat the Epic training.  APP students only need to complete the APP Student Epic training once.  Your previous APP Student Epic training will appear on your LMS transcript.  However, you DO need to complete the Annual HCS Compliance Training module in LMS.    The HCS Regulatory Compliance module material changes and is required ANNUALLY.

  1. In the Search field type Medical and Advanced Practice Provider Student Curriculum (or) EPIC_NEO_MED0002 (include underscores).  Select and register for Medical and Advanced Practice Provider Student. Complete ALL subparts to the module, including the Medical and APP Student Assessment.  You will use your Medical and Advanced Practice Provider Student Instruction Sheet to log into the Playground environment as a Med Student or APP Student while completing your assessment.
  2. In the LMS Search Field, type “2022 Non-Employee Student Compliance Training” OR “HCSstudent22” and complete the HCS Regulatory Module (it will have 10 subparts).  This contains the Hospital HIPAA, OSHA, Confidentiality and other regulatory compliance.
  3. If you will be completing an Emergency Room rotation, in addition to the courses in the APP student curriculum, please search in LMS for ED001 and complete the Overview of Hyperspace for ASAP Users

NOTE:  the LMS modules will NOT be assigned in your timeline.  You must search in LMS and register for them.

LMS Transcript Instructions:

Once you complete all required LMS modules, DOWNLOAD your LMS transcript and submit to the APP Center via the Qualtrics upload link (see below).  To download your LMS transcript:

  • Log in to UNC Health Care MyApps ( using your u# and password
  • Click on the LMS tile icon
  • Once you are on the LMS Dashboard, there is a column to the LEFT side of the page with icons.  Select the bottom icon titled  “Training Transcript”
  • Once you select “Training Transcript”, your LMS Transcript will appear.
  • In the TOP RIGHT of your transcript, there are 2 buttons:  “PRINT” and “EXPORT to PDF”
  • Select “Print” and a dialog box with printer options will appear.
  • Under Select Printer, select “print to PDF” as your printer option and click the PRINT button.
  • Your File Manager (folders) dialog box will open.  Select the folder where you wish to save the PDF of your LMS transcript and click SAVE.
  • [NOTE:  you can choose “Export to PDF” IF you are on the Hospital Network to save your transcript instead of Print to PDF.  This will export a PDF version of your transcript to a file on your computer.  It may appear in your downloads, on your desktop or in another folder.  This will only work if you are on the Hospital Network.  Otherwise, choose PRINT to PDF.
  • Attach this saved PDF of your LMS transcript to an email.  Email to OR submit your LMS transcript to the APP Center via the Qualtrics Upload Link (see below)

Qualtrics UPLOAD document link:

Once you have your Immunization/Compliance Summary Report, Letter of Good Standing from your school or the Passport document completed, as well as your COI, please upload those documents along with the LMS Transcript to the Qualtrics link below:

Qualtrics LINK for compliance doc Uploads 2022