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Notification of Placement

Clinical rotations are approved and confirmed through the APP Center.  If a preceptor is located and the rotation is approved, the APP Center will send the student, their school and the preceptor a Placement Confirmation Notification email.  The notification email contains a link to a MANDATORY Qualtrics survey that is used to gather personal identifiers from the student that are used by the APP Center to obtain EPIC access and a Badge for the student’s rotation.

Within 7 days of receiving the Rotation Notification email, student MUST complete the Qualtrics EPIC Identifiers survey link and provide personal identifiers needed for EPIC access and a Badge.  The clinical rotation may be delayed if the information is not provided timely.  Once the notification email is received, the student should also contact the preceptor to work out scheduling details.  The preceptors email is located in the rotation notification email.

Steps to Take After Confirmation Notification Email:  Contract, Compliance & On Boarding

Once a rotation is approved and the notification email is received, the student should begin the compliance and on boarding process by following the instructions located on the following webpages: