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The APP Center will place a request with Hospital ISD to create a domain account for your student LMS and EPIC access.  Once a UNC Health Care student domain account has been created for the student, ISD will send an email to the APP Center with the student’s login and temporary password.   The APP Center will also receive the student’s Employee ID number (EID).  The APP Center will email this information to the student.  The student must SAVE the email with their EID.  The EID is required to login and to change the temporary password.

IF this is the first time you are using a UNC-Hospitals account, you will need to change your temporary password and set up Citrix and DUO.

Once the ISD/EPIC Team has created your Hospital student domain account (computer access), you will need to follow the instructions that the APP CENTER WILL EMAIL YOU to set up your UNC-Hospital account in order to access LMS and EPIC.  You will need to (1) change your temporary password; (2) install a Citrix Receiver; and (3) set up DUO for 2-Factor Authentication.

IF you are a current UNC Health employee with EPIC access for your employment, the APP Center MUST request a STUDENT account for you.  You CANNOT use your employee EPIC for your student rotation.  

The APP Center will place an ARC request for a STUDENT domain and the APP Student Epic Template.  A student account will be created BUT you will be “assigned” the same U# you have as an employee and will use your existing password.  The student account creation is necessary for regulatory tracking so that it is clear why an employee is viewing patient records outside of their employment scope.  Once your student rotation begins and you need to chart in Epic using the APP Student EPIC template, you will login as you do as an employee but you will change screens to the student screen.

ALL students, INCLUDING employees, complete the EPIC Training Modules and HCS Regulatory Modules in LMS

Once you have reset your password, have a Citrix Receiver installed on your computer, and are enrolled in DUO, you will be able to complete the modules that are required in LMS (LINK to LMS module instructions and codes ).  NOTE:  Certain LMS modules are required whether you are a first time user or returning UNC-Hospitals computer user.