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All students must wear a Student Photo ID Badge while onsite completing an APP student clinical rotation.

Q:  How does  a student obtain a Hospital Photo ID Badge?

A:  The APP Center will submit a request for a Photo ID Badge to UNC-Hospital Security for students who do NOT currently have a UNC Hospital badge. A person can ONLY have one active badge in the UNC-Hospital system.

Q:  What if I am a UNC-Hospitals Employee and have an Employee Badge?

A:  If you are a current UNC-Hospital Employee you will NOT receive a student badge. UNC-Hospital Employees must use their Employee Badge for door access and wear their School Photo ID clipped over their Employee Badge for identification as a student during their student clinical rotation.

Q:  What if I have a UNC-Hospitals Student Photo ID from a previous APP student clinical? 

A:  If you are a student who previously completed an APP student rotation at UNC-Hospitals, including UNC Main-Chapel Hill, UNC Hillsborough, UNC WakeBrook, or any UNC SOM clinic, you will NOT receive a new badge. You will wear the student badge that you were issued previously.  If you cannot locate the badge you were previously issued, you must notify the APP Center.  The APP Center will need to contact the Hospital Photo ID Office to verify that you need a replacement badge.  Once available, you will report to the Photo ID Office to obtain the REPLACEMENT badge. There is a replacement fee that the Photo ID Badge office will collect from you for your replacement badge.

Q:  If I completed a previous rotation at a Rex, Chatham Hospital or a UNCPN location, will I use that badge for this rotation with UNC-Hospitals/SOM clinics?

A:  NO.  Rex, Chatham Hospital and UNCPN  are NOT part of UNC-Hospitals/SOM clinics.  UNC-Hospitals includes UNC Medical Center, UNC Hillsborough, UNC WakeBrook, and all UNC SOM clinics.

Q:  What should I do with my Badge once I complete my APP student clinical rotation?

A:  Student badges remain active until a student graduates from their current program.  The APP Center submits your expected date of graduation with the initial badge request.  Students must retain their UNC-Hospital student badge for future clinical assignments at UNC-Hospitals/SOM clinics.  IF this is your LAST CLINICAL at a UNC-Hospitals/SOM clinic site because you are graduating OR you are certain that you will NOT be completing additional clinical rotations at UNC-Hospitals, you MUST return you student badge to the Photo ID Office at the end of your rotation.  This is a SECURITY ISSUE – please help ensure hospital security by timely returning your student badge.

Q:  Where and when is the Badge available for pick-up?

A:  Once you receive the email from the APP Center that states you are CLEARED to begin your rotation, your Badge will be available for pick up.  Your Badge will be registered in the Photo ID system but is not printed until you arrive to pick it up. You must bring photo identification and visit either of the Photo ID Offices:

UNC Hospitals Photo ID, Parking & Transportation (2 locations)
Office Hours are Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm
Main Campus/UNCMC
Small free-standing building in front of the Children’s Hospital, near the valet parking stand
101 Manning Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Phone: (984) 974-1031


Morrisville/Lenovo Bldg.
5221 Paramount Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: (984) 215 – 2133