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Students must complete a urine drug screen or oral swab drug screen equivalent to the drug screen that UNC Hospitals requires of its employees in comparable positions.  The drug screen may be no more than twelve (12) months old upon entry to the School’s program, provided the student is continuously enrolled and may not be more than four (4) years old at the start of the Educational Experience. The School MUST notify the APP Center of any student who is scheduled to complete a rotation at UNC Hospitals of any POSITIVE reading on a student’s drug screen report. UNC Hospitals will determine whether the student will be allowed to participate in the proposed rotation. Positive readings do NOT include reports that have been cleared by a Medical Review Officer (MRO).  Dilute Negative is NOT accepted as a valid urine drug screen.  Students must RETEST if their urine drug screen is dilute negative. NOTE: It is not possible for an oral swab drug screen to result in dilute negative so the School may want to instruct the student to retest using an oral swab drug screen.

The drug screen must include the following:
benzoylecgonine-cocaine metabolite
methamphetamine isomers
extended opiates*
propoxyphene, and
marijuana metabolite
*NOTE: Extended opiates are defined as codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, morphine, oxycodone, and oxymorphone