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APP Students who are seeking a shadowing opportunity as part of their NP or PA student clinical course must complete the Online APP Student Rotation Request Form found on this website.  ENROLLED APP students who are shadowing as part of their current course are on boarded the same as any APP Student with an APP Student rotation (contract, compliance, etc…)

For ALL other shadow opportunities that are NOT part of an APP student’s course, you must contact UNC-Hospital Volunteer Services.  Per UNC-Hospital policy, A shadow visitor is a person who is not part of a formal clinical training program, but is interested in observing the hospital environment for a continuous period of six weeks or less.  Shadow visitors include, but are not limited to, college students and other community and professional observers, but do not include students participating in a contracted program of study with UNCHCS

Volunteer Services contact information and the Volunteer Services Shadow Visitor process is found on the UNC Hospital Volunteer Services webpage: