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Students who will be completing a clinical rotation at UNC-Hospitals must meet all the requirements detailed in the UNC Hospital clinical affiliation agreement.   If the educational institution does not currently have an active agreement in place with UNC-Hospitals, the APP Center will provide the educational institution with the UNC-Hospitals clinical affiliation agreement template for signature once a rotation is confirmed by the APP Center.

NOTE:  the UNC Hospital clinical affiliation agreement will ONLY be sent to the educational institution for signing IF a preceptor is located and the APP Center confirms that the requested rotation is available.

Once the educational institution returns the signed UNC-Hospitals clinical affiliation agreement to the APP Center, the Placement Manager will obtain signatures from UNC-Hospitals and will email a copy of the fully executed agreement to the educational institution.

NOTE:  per UNC-Hospitals Legal, NO changes or edits will be accepted to the UNC-Hospitals clinical affiliation agreement.