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Status Key: Completed in AY 2022 Completed & Ongoing for AY 2023 New for AY 2023 On time for AY 2023 Restructured for AY 2023


  • We have looked at the composition of the Department and the different roles and leadership roles to understand how we are doing with our URIM members of the department.  We have looked at the number of faculty of color and the gender composition of our faculty at different levels and tenured or not and we are trying to correct wrongs and imbalances.  We have had trainings for leadership in general diversity, safe zone training, and implicit bias.  We are setting up REI training for leaders in pediatrics.  We are setting up exit interview to help determine if people are departing based on any diversity issues.  We have a Vice Chair for Diversity who helps coordinate all these events.  All promotions and reappointments have a DEI statement that is reviewed by the Diversity Committee.

    Status: Completed

    Person/Dept Responsible: Stu Gold

Access and Success

  • Developing a pipeline for our Native American population and migrant farmers

    Status: On time

    setting up pipeline for those interested in medical fields, setting up mentorship program

    Person/Dept Responsible: Allesandra Angelino, Jennifer Guiterrez

  • Developing a curriculum for students on Pediatrics for DEI

    Status: On time

    Person/Dept Responsible: Christian Lawrence, Zach Pettigrew

  • The Vice Chair of Pediatrics for Diversity meets with all the intern applicants and participates in the orientation of the fellows.  We have also developed a fellow’s curriculum with monthly  conferences and DEI training incorporated into orientation.

    Status: On time

    Person/Dept Responsible: Stu Gold and Jennifer Fuchs

  • We have created a 15 person diversity committee, that has residents, fellows, faculty and staff.  We have 9 subcommittees for more folks in the department to participate.  All search committees have someone from the diversity committee as a member to assure that Diversity and Inclusion is a major part of the hiring process.  We have looked at the composition of faculty and staff and the roles and positions they hold in Pediatrics so we can over time have more diversity in areas of leadership.  We are setting up a mentoring program for all under-represented faculty in Pediatrics.  

    Status: On time

    Person/Dept Responsible: Stu Gold. HR.

Climate and Intra/Intergroup Relations

  • We have performed a climate survey in Pediatrics, it Is analyzed, and results will be presented to our Diversity Committee in February and to the Department in March.  Changes will be made to our operations based on the survey.  We have every other month Town Hall Meetings on various topics, January will be Transgender Health – in the past we have discussed microaggressions, and various other topics.  We have asked for action items from our Town Halls.  We try to have grand rounds on diversity topics at least four times per year – we have already set up for the coming year our discussion of our climate survey, obesity, disabilities and microaggressions.  We have a monthly newsletter that picks one DEI topic to delve into in depth and in addition discusses important cultural events for the month and educational opportunities.  Any time a bad event happens we try to send out, within 48 hours, a memo from our diversity committee, discussing the event to reassure the targeted population and show our support.  We have a very active website for DEI.  We are in the process of setting up a diversity office and a wellness office and hope to hire a staff member to help coordinate DEI efforts in Pediatrics

    Status: On time

    Person/Dept Responsible: Stu Gold and Diversity Committee

Curriculum and Scholarship

  • We have at least one safe zone training in pediatrics yearly.  We hope to have some folks within Pediatrics trained as facilitators so they can lead these workshops so we can have additional trainings.  Next month we are discussing microaggressions in grand rounds and last year did implicit bias trainings.   We have grand round topics and town hall topics as above, and our newsletter for education

    Status: On time

    Person/Dept Responsible: Robin Howard. Denita Moore

Community Engagement

  • We have a Pediatric Faculty member who helps lead the Diversity Efforts in the curriculum for the medical school (Emily Van der Schaff).. We Have a Transgender Health Clinic ( lead by Nina Jain).  We have a Diversity Vice Chair who also serves as a Diversity Liaison and in this role interacts with many other Departments in the School of Medicine.  Our Vice Chair also serves and the Chair of the Diversity Councill to Nate Thomas.  Our Vice Chair also serves on the Lineberger Executive DEI Council, The Spanish Speaking patient working group, on the Health Care System Wide Diversity council and on the Committee for Diversity in the Cancer Hospital , and is the sponsor for the ERG on LGBTQ issues, and advices the LGBTQ medical students– all to increase collaboration and efforts across departments and schools  

    Status: On time

    Diversity memo shared with other diversity liaisons

    Person/Dept Responsible: Stu Gold

  • We have already started out reach to Native American Populations in NC and migrant workers.  We hope to develop a pipeline to increase these populations in our Department.  We make sure that we hire a diverse population of people in all positions by having a member of our Diversity Committee sit on all searches

    Status: On time

    Person/Dept Responsible: