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UNC SOM AAFA meeting with the Undergraduate Asian American Center, April 2022

We invite you to join the UNC School of Medicine Asian American Faculty Association (AAFA) with the goal of supporting, empowering, and celebrating our Asian American (AA) faculty and fostering opportunities for networking, communication, and growth.

Our Mission

  1. To Increase education and dialogue on issues affecting Asian Americans
  2. Support leadership, career development, and advancement among AA faculty
  3. Foster the exchange of diverse intellectual, social, cultural, and political perspectives from the AA faculty
  4. Enhance the University’s inclusion commitment to teaching, service, and outreach to the Asian American community

Recent Happenings

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Association Leadership



Develop and create regular communications (interest stories, opinion pieces), communicate with SOM and healthcare system, managing website (or whichever communication platform is determined to be best), provide updates from other committees.

Members: Drs. Ganesh Kamath, Michael Wang, & Michael Yeung


Event planning with an eye towards strengthening specific AAFA networks (e.g., professional role, ethnicity, mothering, sports interests, other), fostering member engagement, opportunities to meet and network.

Members: Drs. Arielle Perez, Muneera Kapadia, Lee-Ching Zhu, & Priyanka Vedak

Advocacy and Community Engagement:

Explore ways to engage with the local and national Asian American community with a focus on service and advocacy.

Members: Drs. Vibhor Kirshna, Vimal Derbail, Vinay Chaudhry, Zahra Girnary, & Mia Kang

Professional development:

Create seminars, workshops, lectures around promotion and leadership building, utilizing UNC resources e.g., SOM Faculty Development, other UNC leadership programs on campus.

Members: Drs. Zev Nakamura (Chair), Michelle Itano, Koyal Jain, Karina Whelan, Chrissy Kistler, Weiming Tang, & Dana Iglesias


Connecting with undergraduate students, medical students, and residents to advise, mentor, coach and support future AA scientists, physicians, and healthcare providers.

Members: View AAFA Mentoring Committee

Other Asian American Affiliates at UNC

Founded in 2020, the Asian American Center’s mission is to cultivate a critical understanding of Asian American peoples, cultures, and histories. Through education, organizing, and advocacy, the AAC will engage and empower Asian American students, faculty, and staff and the greater Carolina community. The AAC will enhance the University’s commitment to excellence by expanding access to interdisciplinary learning and preparing the next generation of leaders for an increasingly multicultural society.

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