University Office for Diversity and Inclusion
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The DEI Path Forward Plan highlighted two phases that would take place during the Summer of 2020:

Phase 1 (June 1 – June 12)

  • Navigating our emotions related to the current issues across the school, in our organizational groups, and with leadership by department
    • Step 1 – SOM-wide Town Hall meeting on June 3rd with panel of leaders responding to questions submitted in advance
    • Step 2 – Smaller meetings with specific groups (faculty, staff, students, trainees, and departments) to take place during the week of June 8th
  • Also we would like to see these meetings continue or happen within individual departments.

Phase 2 (June 15 – July 17)

  • DEI framework to address DEI issues & improve our work and learning environments
    • From conversation to action
      • Small groups (by students, faculty, staff, or departments) discuss emotions related to race/equity issues and identify current and future areas of need
      • Create 2 to 3 proximal action items that are doable: list who’s responsible, metrics, and deadlines
  • The SOM leadership will discuss the action items and how they will move forward
    • We will take the action items and work with the DL and other leaders to create Inclusive Excellence (IE) plans for their areas. We would like for the Chairs and leaders to take ownership for the IE Plans.
  • Interactive catalog of action items on SOM website by the week of July 13th–17th
    • Explanation of how action items improve health equity and reduce disparities

Tools to aid small group discussions