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EI Path Forward

On June 3rd, the School of Medicine held a town hall with over 1000 participants to address the recent killings and racial injustices affecting the black community. During the town hall, Dr. Nathan Thomas, Vice Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, laid out the School of Medicine’s plan to address these issues, the EI Path Forward.

UNC medical students and residents stand in power with those whose loss of life or health can be traced to racism. We demand individual institutional and systemic change.

Racism = A major driver of health disparities. Silence perpetuates violence but speaking up is NOT enough. Allyship requires action.

Actions Speak Louder

The EI Path Forward Plan, executed during the Summer of 2020, united faculty, staff, trainees and students across the School of Medicine to create a path forward.

With thoughtful discussions and a desire for change, an EI Framework was presented and implemented: a plan to provide structure and a system to assess, establish, and synergize EI efforts. The framework will help the school promote a more inclusive working and learning environment. This is documented in a series of action items that brings transparency and accountability to this work by department.

IE Framework


Tools to aid small group discussions and assess and establish EI efforts: