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The Marsico Lung Institute (MLI) was well-represented at this year’s North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference in Phoenix, AZ. MLI researchers moderated several sessions, presented a number of posters, and served as speakers in various workshops, symposiums, and other sessions, including:

  • Carla Ribeiro, PhD: “Cystic Fibrosis Airway Inflammation Enhances the Efficacy of CFTR Modulators”
  • Scott Donaldson, MD: “SIMPLIFY MCC Study”
  • Koichi Hasegawa, MD, PhD: “Role of IL-1β in innate host defense of normal airway epithelia”
  • Camille Ehre, PhD: “CFTR Modulators Increase Viral Mobility in Healthy and CF Airway Epithelial Cells”
  • Alessandra Livraghi-Butrico, PhD: “Influence of post-natal lung development and host microbiota on the neonatal airway mucus clearance system”
  • Anne Cawley: “SCGB3A2-positive Distal Airway Secretory Cells Are a Therapeutic Target for CFTR Function Restoration”
  • Jennifer Goralski, MD: “Interim Results of Test Reliability of 19F MRI in Mild CF Lung Disease” and “Obstruction, mucus, and mucociliary clearance”
  • Wanda O’Neal, PhD: “Human GWAS in CF and COPD: Moving from candidate genes to mechanism” and “Genetic modifiers of cystic fibrosis lung disease severity: Whole genome analysis of 7.840 patients”
  • Ken Olivier, MD, MPH: “Beyond the Guidelines: Rational selection and administration of newer NTM therapies”
  • Matt Markovetz, PhD: “Cervical mucus viscoelasticity and sperm velocity are correlated and concentration-dependent in vitro”
  • Martina Gentzsch, PhD: “Reagents to detect CFTR expression for monitoring CFTR in cells and tissues”