Programs and Initiatives

MED Program

Our Medical Education Development (MED) program provides an opportunity for students from underrepresented backgrounds to experience the rigors of the medical school curriculum while shadowing physicians, developing clinical skills through patient simulation, and participating in professional development seminars
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The Office of Special Programs actively recruits throughout the state and the country at various recruitment fairs and presentations to pre-health clubs to recruit for the medical and dental schools at UNC and the MED program.
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Pre-Health Advising

In addition to recruitment, our office also provides pre-health advising and resources to any student. If you would like to make an appointment with one of our staff to discuss your application to medical or dental school or your current journey toward a health professional school, please see our contact page for more details.
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SNMA (Student National Medical Association)

A diverse group of energetic and committed leaders, our SNMA supports and impacts the local community through health education fairs, community outreach through the Share-Your-Christmas Drive, HIV Awareness Campaign, and helps staff a local soup kitchen.
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LMSA (Latino Medical Student Association)

The LMSA UNC Chapter’s primary goal is to gather students of all backgrounds at the undergraduate and graduate levels alongside physicians, to work together on improving the health of the Latino community.
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Hispanic Health Initiative

The Hispanic Health Initiative focuses on the unique opportunities present throughout our state to empower Hispanic youth to navigate the educational path to medicine.
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