The Office of Scholastic Enrichment & Equity offers these main programs and initiatives specifically targeted toward minorities and under represented students who are interested in health and allied health professions.

Each summer, our Medical Education Development (MED) program provides an opportunity for students from underrepresented backgrounds to experience the rigors of the medical school curriculum while shadowing physicians, developing clinical skills through patient simulation, and participating in professional development seminars designed to enhance the student’s appreciation for and deepen their understanding of the medical professions.


The Office of Scholastic Enrichment & Equity actively recruits throughout the state and the country at various recruitment fairs and presentations to pre-health clubs to recruit for the medical and dental schools at UNC and the MED program. In addition, our office hosts visiting school groups from the K-12th grade level leading educational workshops to expose students to various aspects of the health professions and provide student and administrative information panels for college groups who wish to visit our campus. We also host an open house each fall for students interested in attending medical or dental school and/or the MED program. Staff is also available to meet individually with students regarding their journey to medicine/dentistry.

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SNMA (Student National Medical Association)

Our office supports one of the largest Student National Medical Association chapters in the country. A diverse group of energetic and committed leaders, our SNMA supports and impacts the local community through health education fairs, community outreach through the Share-Your-Christmas Drive, HIV Awareness Campaign, and helps staff a local soup kitchen. In addition, SNMA also provides mentorship, education, and inspiration to elementary and high school students interested in medicine through pipeline programs. These programs allow students from surrounding communities to learn about the sciences and careers in the medical field on the campus of UNC School of Medicine.

LMSA (Latino Medical Student Association)

Our office supports one of newest Latino Medical Student Association Chapters, established in the Fall of 2013. The LMSA UNC Chapter’s primary goal is to gather students of all backgrounds at the undergraduate and graduate levels alongside physicians, to work together on improving the health of the Latino community.

Hispanic Health Initiative

The Hispanic Health Initiative focuses on the unique opportunities present throughout our state to empower Hispanic youth to navigate the educational path to medicine. Our initiative is student-driven by a dynamic and energized group of medical students who engage with the local and state-wide communities in efforts to promote health careers awareness and opportunities for Hispanic youth, in addition to helping under served Latino communities.


Islamic Medical Association (IMA)

The Islamic Medical Association (IMA) at the UNC School of Medicine is a student-run organization that strives to represent Muslim students at UNC, foster campus and community-wide engagement with Islam and Muslims, and provide Muslim students with a community for both academic and spiritual support.


Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)

We have numerous projects in the works, thanks to our hard-working members and allies throughout the allied health services of UNC. Throughout each medical school year, we strive to share several talks with medical students and faculty, including how to be an LGBT ally, living as an LGBT physician, the endocrinology of transitioning, how to counsel patients on safe sex practices, and more. We also continue to be deeply involved in the ongoing evolution of the UNC SOM curriculum in order to work with faculty and address LGBT health education in both the pre-clinical and clinical years.



The Office of Scholastic Enrichment & Equity (OSEE) is a division of the Office of Medical Education (OME) of the School of Medicine.
One of the core programs of OSP is the Medical Education Development (MED) program. The MED Program was established in 1974 to increase opportunities in the health professions for underrepresented minority (URM) students. These students demonstrate educational promise and commitment to a health career but have lacked the opportunity in the past in moving toward their professional goals.



First African-American student enrolls at the UNC School of Medicine.


First minority dental students enroll at the UNC School of Dentistry.


Medical Education Development (MED) Program is established.


The Lawrence Zollicoffer Lecture is established by members of the UNC chapter of the Student National Medical Association with the support of the dean of the School of Medicine.

Dr. Lawrence Zollicoffer


Mr. Larry Keith joins the UNC School of Medicine as the Associate Director of the Medical Education Development (MED) Program.


Mr. Larry Keith becomes the director of the Office of Special Programs.


The Merrimon Family joins in providing support to the Dr. Zollicoffer lecture.


Cedric M. Bright, MD, FACP becomes the director of the Office of Special Programs.