What do residents do after graduation?

Each residency class at UNC pursues a different variety career options within the field of psychiatry, including academic faculty positions, fellowships, research, and community work. Here’s what the 2018 graduating class is doing:

  • Continuing their child and adolescent psychiatry training at UNC (5)
  • Pursuing fellowships at UNC in consultation-liaison psychiatry, and elsewhere in geriatric psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry (3)
  • Working as faculty in outpatient, inpatient, emergency, and consult psychiatry settings (8)

What is the first-time board passage rate?

Residents from the past several years have had 100% board pass rates.

How many people apply to the General Psychiatry Residency Program?

We expect to receive about 1,000 applications and interview 150 candidates for 14 trainee slots.

What are the required minimum USMLE or COMLEX scores?

We don’t have a minimum score requirement, though scores factor into application evaluation. The average USMLE Step 1 score for incoming residents is 240.

Can I apply if my Step 2 score is not available yet?

Yes, you may apply if your Step 2 score is still pending, but please update your application as soon as it is available.

Do you accept externships or observerships?

Not at this time.

Are there teaching opportunities for residents?

Yes, resident teachers across all four years of training are an integral part of the Psychiatry-Neurology medical clerkship.

Can I apply if I have already completed a year of residency elsewhere?

Licensed physicians who have completed an approved PGY-1 (intern year) at another institution may apply for consideration of a three year position.

Where should I live?

We provide a Real Estate tour during our 2nd Look to explore the many areas residents enjoy living in while at UNC. If you are not able to return for the 2nd Look events, we are happy to provide the information to you upon request.

What are some options for non-medical jobs in the Triangle?

The Triangle is a great place to live and work – there are a plethora of options in technology, academia, and professional services, just to name a few, and the area is well-known for having good schools and a large variety of family-friendly activities. For those residents with families, spouses can be connected to local parenting and activity groups to help feel supported.