Dept. of Radiology - University Administration


Bob Collichio

Associate Chair for Administration

Office: 919-966-2993


Vickie Holland

HR Manager

Office: 919-843-8741


Dan Boughton

Accounting Service; Contract & Grants, Human Resources

Office: 919-966-0696




Outreach Coordinator

Office:  919-843-8784


Laurie Birdsong

Public Communications Specialist

Office:  919-966-5469


Michele Clark

Radiology University Business Office

Office: 919-966-2993


Jay Crawford

Informatics Manager

Office:  919-966-1421


Clinical Research Coordinator

Office:  919-966-6957


Contracts and Grants Manager
Office: 919-966-5839

Anne Nesbitt

Contracts and Grants Assistant

Office: 919-843-0784


Jennifer Pender

Accounting Tech

Office: 919-966-3262


Pete Petrin

Outreach Development Analyst

Office:  919-843-9645


Cherie Price

HR Assistant Manager

Office 919-843-5272


Pat Roberson

Reimbursement Analyst

Office: 919-843-9015


Lisa Ussery

Accounting Manager

Office: 919-966-1151


Clinical Research Coordinator
Office:  919-843-3670