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1 month ago

Brian Strahl on Interdisciplinary Team (AIxB) selected for 2021-2022 Creativity Hubs Award

This year’s winner of a UNC Research Creativity Hubs award is AIxB: Building a collaborative ecosystem for innovation in Artificial Intelligence and the Biological Sciences. Team: Corbin Jones, College of Arts & Sciences (PI); Stan Ahalt, Chris Bizon, and Marian Mersmann, RENCI (Co-Investigators); Brian Strahl and Piotr Mieczkowski, School of Medicine (Co-Investigators); Bob Duronio, College of Arts & Sciences (Co-Investigator); Alex Tropsha and Samantha Pattenden, Eshelman School of Pharmacy (Co-Investigators); Jeremy Simon, School of Medicine (Advisor).

During the event, each cohort dressed up in matching shirts. The first-year cohort (pink), second (yellow), third (green), fourth (blue), and fifth (purple) year cohorts at the end of the day.

1 month ago

UNC Biophysicists compete in the first annual Field Day

The first inaugural UNC Biophysics Field Day, an afternoon of friendly competition to foster community among the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics students & faculty, was a huge success! Biophysics cohorts & faculty faced off in several rounds of science-themed challenges. Thank you to all of the organizers & participants: Amelia McCue, Odessa Goudy, Gage Leighton, Nick Randolph, Emily Beard, Xavier Bonner, and to Holly Shepherd, Wolfgang Bergmeier, Jill Dowen, Brian Strahl, & Steven Torchio.