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Starting in May 2019, the UNC FlowJo license will transition to the new FlowJo Portal rather than the Hardware Address associated licenses.

The Portal will only work for FlowJo version 10 and higher. If you still need to use version 9, please contact the Flow Core. We have the ability to grandfather in HWA-associated licenses for version 9 users.

Existing users will receive an email from FlowJo inviting them to set up a portal account.

For new FlowJo licenses, please email the core and you will receive an invitation to set up a FlowJo Portal account.

End User Agreement (ELUA):  BD and UNC are still haggling over the end user license agreement (ELUA). UNC says it is OK to ‘agree’ as long as you understand that you will not use it for diagnostic purposes, upload any HIPAA protected information or mess with code.

Once you have accepted the ELUA and Privacy Policy, you can sign into the Portal within your FlowJo program via Preferences (little heart shape on the upper right side of the FlowJo screen). Select the License button and then click the FlowJo Portal Sign in button. Enter your FlowJo Portal ID and Password and start using FlowJo portal.

User sign in Details: Portal User Instructions

Your Portal Account may be used on up to 4 different computers (just not at the same time).

FlowJo Portal is for Research Use Only.  No HIPAA protected information should be entered on any FlowJo Portal account.


For training materials for FlowJo: