About Department of Medicine Information Services (DOM-IS)

Our Mission

Department of Medicine Information Services was formed to provide computer and information systems support for the clinical, administrative and staff personnel of the Department of Medicine. We support all eleven divisions with equipment, software and deskside support services. Since its inception we have added several core services, including disk sanitizing, new machine setup and password resetting. We have recently added a buying support service for computer needs within the Department of Medicine.

DOM-IS is the main intake mechanism for IS service calls for the Department of Medicine.

To contact DOM-IS for a service or support, please visit this page for assistance.

To find instructions on VPN 2-step verification, please visit this page.

Information Security Policy

In today’s computing environment the security challenges are daunting and endless. We as IT professionals can only do so much, but the user population can do a great deal to help attain the safety that is required to fight off the thousands of attacks and millions of spam and malicious emails we receive weekly. There have been numerous times where a vigilant user has caught an exploit and also informed us so we can take steps to eliminate the potential. This is the type of help we need and will continue to need even more as we move forward.

We would like to thank all of you and encourage you to become more vigilant and at the same time assist us with making the System more secure. Please read and follow the Information Security Policies as outlined. As always if you have questions about this or any IT policy, please email us at .

Thank You,
Keith Gerarden, Operations Manager