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  1. From the Tools menu, select Options. The Options dialog will appear.
  2. Click the Mail Format tab.
  3. Click the Signatures button at the bottom on the dialog.
  4. In the Create Signature dialog, click the New button.
  5. Type a name for your new signature.
  6. Click the Next > button.
  7. Right-click in the Signature text box.
  8. Select Insert Image from the pop-up menu.
  9. In the Picture dialog, click the Browse button.
  10. In the Picture files dialog, navigate to the image file you would like to use.
  11. Highlight the image file and click Open.
  12. In the Picture dialog, click the OK button. Your image will appear.
  13. Add any other text as needed.
  14. Click the Finish button.
  15. Click the OK button.

Your signature is created and you should be back at the Options dialog. If you look in the signatures section, you’ll see Outlook has assigned your new signature to new messages. This means each time you create an email, this signature will appear at the bottom of the email.