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Academy of Educators Essentials is an onboarding package for UNC SOM faculty that reviews the basics of teaching. The initial seven modules have been successful in providing asynchronous faculty development for those across the state. The AOE is planning to start work on AOE Essentials 3.0 and topics will include:

    • How to identify and support the struggling medical learner
    • Efficiency in clinical teaching (strategizing your schedule)
    • Growth mindset (applying to teacher encounters)
    • How to assign a question to a learner (how to focus the scope of the question, some helpful resources to refer learners to…)

AOE is seeking faculty volunteers to serve as leads and subcommittee members for each topic. Those from branch campuses and basic sciences are especially encouraged to assist to ensure that all groups are represented when creating the final product. The time commitment is estimated to be roughly 10-15 hours between December 2023 and June 2024. This work fulfills four event credits toward AOE membership requirements.

If you are interested in working on the subcommittee to create AOE Essentials 3.0, please email by Oct. 16.