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Learn more about School of Medicine web space and features.

My organization needs a new website. How is that achieved?

School of Medicine IT maintains a content management system: a web-based system for maintaining sites without the need for external publishing software like Adobe Dreamweaver. Any organization within the school (department, center, program, office, lab, or student group) can have one of these sites and receive training at no charge, by contacting School of Medicine IT at, or calling 919-962-HELP. While there’s a standardized design, there is the opportunity to create your own layouts and graphics to accomplish branding and marketing needs. Visit for more information.

School of Medicine IT also offers custom web and application development. Larger requests and projects are generally available on a fee-for-service basis. Contact School of Medicine IT at for availability.

I need to edit my departmental website. How do I gain access?

All School of Medicine departmental websites are hosted in the supported WordPress network and content is managed by departmental staff. If you do not know your department’s web content manager, email

Can I build a website for personal use? is a web publishing service that allows anyone with an Onyen to create their own website at no charge. The service runs on the WordPress platform, so it’s easy to use yet offers powerful features and functionality. All websites are hosted on enterprise-level hardware and supported by ITS Digital Services.

Please note: For official School of Medicine websites, the standard school WordPress template is required. Contact for more information.

What do I need to create web pages?

The School of Medicine web system features a browser-based interface for creating and editing content, as well as uploading images and other files. No other programs are needed, except for those used to edit media such as images, video, or sound.

Can I incorporate a database backend with my web site?

Currently there is no support for individuals to incorporate databases into their web sites on their own. Departments looking to integrate databases into their web sites should contact School of Medicine IT Web Services at

Does the School of Medicine provide website analytics?

School of Medicine IT can help you get started with Google Analytics, a great resource for comprehensive website statistics. Visit the School of Medicine’s Web Guide for more information.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Contact School of Medicine IT Web Services at