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The SOM participated for the second time in the SHARE workforce engagement survey June 6 – June 27, 2023.  The results of this survey will be used to create teambuilding plans to address key areas:

  • Promoting a Culture of Quality Service and Process Improvement
  • Perceptions around organizational culture
  • Resilience-Decompression

Departments will participate in action planning to address areas unique to their departments; teams and leaders with lower scores will receive additional support.

Upcoming Trainings

Learn how to login to the portal, navigate the dashboard, understand data and use available tools. Also learn to read and understand the data, locate resources and get answers to questions. Attendees are encouraged to have access to their own portal data to follow along.

Recordings will be posted here after the events listed.

SHARE Dashboard: How to Navigate the Dashboard, Learnings for Leaders 

Link to Recording

 SHARE Teambuilding Planning for Leaders 

The interactive session will help leaders learn how to create a teambuilding plan and put it into action. The session specifically focuses on the teambuilding section of the Press Ganey portal that can be found under the Improvement Planning tab.

Leaders also will learn where to find resources and get answers to questions.

Link to Recording


Review and Understand 2023 SHARE Learnings

Reviewing and Understanding SHARE Comments

Key to SHARE Driver Results

Solution Starter – Resilience: Tips to understanding and addressing

SOM PowerPoint Template to present findings: This template has been added to help facilitate presenting Press Ganey results to your team.


Other helpful videos: Learn how to log in to the portal, navigate the dashboard, understand data and use available tools. Also, learn how to locate resources and find answers to questions. 


  • Leaders were provided access to their results via an email from Press Ganey that will include a unique link to their department dashboard with login and password instructions.
  • In order for a manager to receive individual results, there must be at least 5 respondents.  If there aren’t 5 respondents, the data “rolls up” to the next level manager.
  • Managers will see the information for teams that are in their span of control.
  • Physicians, APPs, post docs, residents, and employees who joined us after April 7 did not participate in this survey.


Access to WES

Can’t find the original e-mail with login information? Contact Press Ganey at

Managers that have questions about access can email Matt Hawkins or Stephanie Henry