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Screenshot of new UNC IT support portal (TDX)
Preview of new IT support portal.

The IT support platform at UNC will be changing on Wednesday, July 10. We have worked to ensure that this will have a minimal impact on SOM operations. While the new interface may appear slightly different, the process to submit a ticket or call our help-line number will remain unchanged.

To request IT services, you can:

  • Visit the portal at for more information and to request support.
  • Visit our tech support in-person on the first floor at 137 MacNider Hall.
  • Call our tech support number 919-962-HELP (4357), which remains unchanged.

For our dedicated Client Services team, this new platform represents a significant change and there may be some delays in our service delivery during the transition. We kindly request your understanding and patience as our IT staff work to ensure smooth operations.

The new system, called TeamDynamix (TDX), will replace the existing support tool, ServiceNow, after July 10th.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we prepare to serve you in the best possible way.