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To prepare new leaders for success by building a solid foundation in an environment where they feel connected, cared for, and have a strong cultural identity with the SOM.


  • Monthly Sessions (not February, July or August)
  • Two points of entry: March and September
  • Onsite, casual Friday morning, 8-12:45
  • Sessions include:
    • Standard/Technical: HR/Legal I & II  Finance I & II; Inclusive Leadership; Quality/Safety; Research; Strategy and Systems Thinking; Wellness; Education
    • Interpersonal/Self-Development: Self-Assessment; Leading a Team I & II; Communication; Prioritizing for Success; Managing Performance; Decision-Making; Emotional Intelligence; Generational Leadership; Negotiation/Mediation
    • Each session:
      • Interpersonal/Self-Development topic 8-10
      • Standard/Technical topic 10-12
      • LUNCH is informal conversation with a leader (prior guests include: Cristy Page, Becci Menghini, Matt Mauro, Scott Doak, Dawn Osborne-Adams, Katie Eimers, Erin Edwards, and many other!)