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What is CPR2?

Commitment to positive, respectful relationships, CPR2, was created to engage learners, teachers, clinicians, and patients, promote a culture of civility, and promote overall employee professional behavior.

Nationally, concerns have been raised about the working and learning environment within academic medicine.

Burnout can lead to lapses in professionalism. These lapses, bias, harassment, and incivility can compromise patient care and threaten patient safety.

In a direct effort to combat these challenges, the School of Medicine has launched the CPR2 initiative.

We strive for a respectful atmosphere based on positive relationships that supports outstanding patient care, meaningful scientific contributions, and a learning environment where all can thrive.

Commitment: We are dedicated to the cause

Positive: We are progressing towards improvement

Respectful: We demonstrate and expect kindness, civility, and inclusion

Relationships: We engage with others, and show compassion to them