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  • SOM Forward Together Dashboard

    The SOM Forward Together Dashboard provides the SOM community with an overview of the performance metrics selected to monitor the progress of our strategic plan initiatives across our six imperatives. This information is updated quarterly. The full dashboard view is available with UNC SOM Onyen access. Please use the ‘request access’ link if you are not immediately transferred to the Dashboard after signing in.

    View SOM Forward Together Dashboard

  • Dean’s Dashboard

    The SOM Department Dashboard provides a holistic view of department performance across a range of metrics essential to fulfilling the SOM’s tripartite mission. This tool is intended as a high level overview of department performance. The goal of the dashboard is to foster a culture of transparency and accountability, and facilitate the spread of best practices for success

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  • FP Org Goals Dashboard

    Benchmark Trending Dashboard: A new report that shows Association of American Medical College (AAMC) Compensation and Clinical Practice Solutions Center (CPSC) wRVU productivity benchmark trending data year-over-year. This report can be used by Chairs, ACAs, and Business Managers to help inform decisions and to watch market trends.

    View FP Org Goals Dashboard

  • UNC Medical Center Organizational Goals

    The UNC Medical Center Organizational Goals are accessible through a UNC Health Tableau account. Access is managed through UNC Health.

    View UNC Medical Center Organizational Goals

  • AAMC Dashboard

    The AAMC Dashboard provides a view of MMT metrics with a trend analysis. Further updates under development

    View AAMC Dashboard

  • DEI Press Ganey Dashboard

    Description Coming Soon

    (Coming Soon)

  • Benchmark (Productivity) Dashboard

    Description Coming Soon

    View Benchmark (Productivity) Dashboard