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Our Mission

SHAC Dental Clinic is a student-run clinic for members of the surrounding community in need of emergent dental services. Its main purpose is to provide for those who are otherwise unable to access dental care; there are no requirements for those who would like to be patients.

Location & Hours

Our free clinic operates from 6-9 pm on select Wednesdays: 
UNC School of Dentistry
Ground Floor, Tarrson Hall
101 Manning Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27599


Dogwood Deck
UNC Hospitals
101 Manning Drive


About Us

To enter our appointment lottery, please fill out the survey below under “Make an Appointment.” Only one submission is necessary. Duplicate submissions will be deleted. Entrance into the lottery does not guarantee an appointment.

When your name is selected, our clinic coordinators will contact you to schedule your first appointment in our clinic flow process. All appointments are between 6-9 PM on select Wednesday nights.

The Dental Clinic provides the following free services:

  • Screenings/Diagnosis
  • Cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Root Canals

SHAC students comply with HIPAA regulations and patient medical records are maintained according to accepted confidentiality standards. For questions related to the dental clinic, please contact

Please note: We are not the student clinics at the UNC Adams School of Dentistry. To contact them please visit

Make an Appointment

We are an appointment only free dental clinic.

English Appointment Request form:

Spanish Appointment Request form:

OR please call  984-999-1654 and leave a voicemail.

We do not see patients in the order they apply. Your name will be added to our waitlist, and appointments will be allotted via a lottery system to ensure equal and equitable access to our services. First, enter your name in our appointment lottery by clicking on the link above. Second, if your name is selected, the first visit is a short appointment to acquire your x-ray. Third, at your second visit, you will have an exam with a dental student to develop a treatment plan. Finally, you will receive any planned treatment including cleanings, fillings, or extractions.

Attention prospective patients:

Please bring a list of your current medications.

If you are diabetic, please know your most recent A1C.

If you are asthmatic please bring your inhaler.

If you are taking an anticoagulant and need extractions please bring a note from your primary care physicians that your INR is stable.

Please note: if you have elevated blood pressure or blood glucose level we will not be able to treat you in our clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive treatment the first time I visit?

No, our clinic flow process includes at least 3 appointments, with treatment only occurring after a new patient screening.

-Appointment 1) X-rays

-Appointment 2) Screening (Exam with Dental Student)

-Appointment 3) Treatment (Cleanings, Fillings, Extractions)

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call UNC Dental School Urgent Care Department at (919) 537-3737 between 8AM and 5PM.

Can I receive more than one dental treatment in a clinic night?

Since there are more patients than we have time to treat, we can only provide one treatment per patient at each clinic night.

Can you extract my wisdom teeth?

This depends entirely on each individual. We have to take x-rays and do a clinical exam to determine if we can extract a wisdom tooth.


Contact Us

For questions related to the dental clinic, please contact .