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Neuroradiology serves patients with some of the most devastating disorders including malignant brain and spine tumors and neurodegenerative disorders. It is a discipline that integrates traditional anatomic imaging with exciting concepts in genetics, physiology, and biochemistry.  Neuroradiology was the first imaging subspecialty to obtain separate ACGME status and offer a certificate of added qualifications by the ABR.  Its parent scientific society, the ASNR is over 50 years old and its pre-eminent journal, AJNR, has circulated for over 40 years.  At UNC, Neuroradiology has a strong tradition: the first department Chair was Dr. Ernie Wood, one of the founders of modern neuroimaging; and its second, Dr. James Scatliff, a world-renowned radiologist.  A mature subspecialty, Neuroradiology is one of the most sought-after disciplines in Radiology.


Diagnostic Neuroradiology is a 7-member team led by Dr. Mauricio Castillo, a world-renowned Neuroradiologist, Past President of ASNR, Editor Emeritus of AJNR, and current ARRS President.  The team includes three full Professors, one Associate Professor, two Assistant Professors, and one Clinical Instructor.  All members are actively involved in clinical, teaching, and research endeavors.  our publications include over 700 articles, nearly 30 books, and hundreds of scientific/educational exhibits.  UNC is a premier public university (3rd best in the East, #4 in the country) and its medical school ranks very high in all lists.


What we do:  a full complement of state-of-the-art neuroimaging techniques as well as interventions.  We offer one of the best educational neuroradiology programs available with at least 3 weekly didactic lectures for our fellows and a significant number and variety of cases (about 50,000/year) as well as research opportunities. All of our fellows have passed their examinations and gotten the jobs of their choice.  Our experience: we have trained nearly 150 individuals.


Our program is based in Chapel Hill where UNC Hospitals are located.  We have 9 MRI units and 9 CT scanners with more coming soon.  We also cover an outpatient facility, also in Chapel Hill, and have recently acquired 7 community hospitals as well as built a new one.  Expansion of activities to these hospitals and to our affiliate in Raleigh will begin soon.  Chapel Hill is the quintessential college town with a wide offering of great food, cultural activities, sports, great weather, and is located in the Triangle area, the fastest growing in North Carolina and one of the most rapidly expanding in the country.  The Triangle has the highest density of PhDs in the country and is generally rated as a top place to live and work.


We expect to interview candidates from approximately December to March, so be sure to apply on time.  We offer 4 ACGME-approved 1st-year fellowship positions.

Fellowship:  Defined as a "friendly association of people who share interests."  That is who and what we are.