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Cardiothoracic Imaging

UNC’s Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship program permits a one-year fellow to work under the direction of six Cardiac and Thoracic Imaging attendings. During his/her training months, the division’s fellow trains in an academic, high-volume, but manageable practice, developing and refining interpretive skills in chest radiography, CT chest, MRI Chest, Cardiac MRI, and Cardiac CT. He/she also performs diaphragmatic fluoroscopic exams.

The Cardiothoracic Imaging fellowship at UNC is designed to provide comprehensive training in cardiac and thoracic radiology. The fellow spends about 60 percent of their training time on the thoracic imaging service and 40 percent on the cardiovascular imaging service. During the Cardiothoracic Imaging fellowship, the trainee is expected to perform the following activities:

Clinical Service Responsibilities:

  • Interpretation of chest radiography, CT, and MRI studies while on the thoracic imaging service
  • Pre and post examination medical management of cardiovascular imaging patients, protocoling, supervision, and interpretation of cardiovascular CT and MRI examinations while on the cardiovascular imaging service
  • Attendance at and participation in Thoracic Imaging Division quality assurance rounds, journal clubs, interesting case conferences, and multidisciplinary conferences (thoracic oncology, interstitial lung disease, pulmonary medicine).
  • Attendance at and participation in Cardiovascular Imaging Division quality assurance rounds, journal clubs, interesting case conferences, and multidisciplinary conferences (cardiac catheterization, cardiac imaging, structural heart disease, vascular surgery).
  • Participation in Research
  • Participation in cardiothoracic imaging research activities leading to presentation at a national meeting and publication. Fellows are encouraged to join the faculty in ongoing research or establish their own projects. At the discretion of the fellowship director, dedicated time will be provided for the completion of research projects.

Participation in Trainee Education

  • Regular participation in radiology resident and medical student education through mentorship during daily clinical rotations and through periodic presentation of formal didactic lectures.

While assigned to either the thoracic imaging or cardiovascular imaging services, whether designated as a fellow or an instructor, the cardiothoracic imaging fellow assumes graded responsibility over the course of the training program.

Clinical Procedural Requirements:

No clinical procedures are required for completion of training in the cardiothoracic imaging fellowship. Fellows have the opportunity to participate in imaging guided chest biopsy procedures.

Through clinical service responsibilities in cardiac and thoracic imaging, multidisciplinary conference participation, active involvement in trainee education, and participation in cardiothoracic imaging research, over the course of the fellowship program, the trainee will gain an increased level of expertise and depth of knowledge in the following core subject areas:

Thoracic Imaging:

  • Normal anatomy and physiology of the chest
  • Radiographic signs
  • Congenital lung disease and mediastinal disease
  • Diffuse lung disease
  • Intensive care chest radiography
    Diseases of the chest wall, pleura, and diaphragm
  • Infectious pneumonia
  • Lung cancer and other parenchymal neoplasms
  • Thoracic trauma
  • Pulmonary arteries

Cardiovascular Imaging:

  • Cardiac CT and MRI physics
  • Cardiac CT and MRI pharmacology and patient management
  • Acquired heart disease
  • Pediatric and adult congenital heart disease
  • Aortic disease
  • Visceral and peripheral artery disease
Virginia Carver
Fellowship Coordinator
Office: (919) 966-9047

Muthu Sakthivel, MD
Assistant Professor
Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship Program Director

All required application materials listed below should be emailed directly to Dr. Todd Hazelton. As needed, send materials to the mailing address at bottom.

  • CV
  • Personal statement or cover letter
  • Three letters of recommendation

Mailing Address
Attn: Muthu Sakthivel, MD
UNC Department of Radiology
CB #7510
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7510