Every April, more than 100 UNC graduate students and postdocs travel to high school science classrooms across the state to teach an engaging and interactive lesson about an aspect of genetics and genomics.  In addition to learning more about how DNA is important to their lives, students get the chance to meet and interact with a young scientist.  Often this is transformative experience for a high school student who may have had preconceived notions about what a scientist looks like. To find out more about NC DNA Day or to get involved, check out the NC DNA Day website!

Kidney Education Outreach Program

Increased awareness of personal risk factors and increased knowledge about how the kidneys function will encourage North Carolinians to ask "Doc, how are my kidneys?" before they develop end-stage renal disease. The UNC Kidney Center's Kidney Education Outreach Program (KEOP) hosts screenings, focus groups and educational sessions to learn more about kidney disease.

Medical Equipment for the Developing World

MEDWorld is a volunteer organization that was designed to collect and recycle unused medical supplies that would otherwise be discarded. The materials we collect are sent to developing countries where they can be used in clinics and hospitals serving the poor. MEDWorld was created by UNC physicians, medical students and hospital staff who were looking for an opportunity to do community service on a global scale while improving staff morale and reducing hospital waste. MEDWorld is an environmentally responsible alternative for our hospitals to re-use disposable recyclable material to save lives across the world.

Office of International Activities (OIA)

The primary function of the OIA is to develop programmatic structure and support for UNC medical students interested in global health electives and guidance to medical student-led initiatives in global health formally supported by UNC. The OIA will also work with student affairs to improve the experience of international students working at UNC and with residency directors to promote international experiences for residents.

The Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC)

SHAC is a student led organization whose mission is to: Provide free health services to local underserved individuals and communities, Partner with communities to develop and implement sustainable programs, and Create an interdisciplinary service learning environments for students in the health science programs at UNC.


Students Teaching Early Prevention (STEP) on STD's is a program aimed at prevention of disease through education. The program is supported by first and second year medical students who travel to local middle schools to teach students, in a non-judgmental manner, about the nature, transmission, and prevention of various STD infection, especially HIV.


TelAbility is an innovative, community oriented, interdisciplinary program that uses telecommunications to improve the lives of children with disabilities. Using real time video-conferencing and internet technologies, TelAbility provides comprehensive, coordinated, family centered care to children with disabilities across North Carolina and offers education, training, and peer support for people who care for them.

UNC Center for Infectious Disease Worldwide Projects

Check out the global activity of Infectious Disease.