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Amy Armstrong

Executive Coordinator
To reach Dr. Matthew Ewend (Chief Clinical Officer (CCO), UNC Health) and Dr. Tippu Khan (Executive Advisor to the President of Physicians)
(919) 966-8505

Jacinda Bilyeu, MBA

Executive Assistant
To reach Dr. Matt Mauro (President, UNC Faculty Physicians)
(919) 966-4238

Tiffani Cain, MS

Project Coordinator
To reach Dr. Cristy Page (Executive Dean, UNC School of Medicine), Dr. Cam Enarson (Vice Dean, Strategic Initiatives, UNC School of Medicine), Dr. Jennifer Wu (Interim Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, UNC School of Medicine), and Ms. Karlina Matthews (Associate Dean for Administration, UNC School of Medicine)
(919) 843-7251

Kelly Doss, MBA

Executive Coordinator
To reach Mr. John Lewis (Chief Business Integration Officer (CBIO), UNC Health) and Ms. Nicole Faron, MHA (System Director)
(919) 966-1712

Dayne Harrison

Senior Executive Assistant
Reception, database management, conference room and state car reservation, listserv maintenance, office supplies, DO webpage administration

Cheryl P. Jarmon

Constituent Services Advocate
Constituent Relations for the Office of the Dean/CEO and the Program in Leadership Development
(919) 966-8482

Beverly Ross

Executive Coordinator
To reach Dr. A. Wesley Burks (Dean, UNC School of Medicine; Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs; CEO, UNC Health) and Ms. Katie Eimers (Chief System Initiatives Officer (CSIO), UNC Health)
(919) 843-0875

Malika Schill

Executive Assistant
To reach Mr. Michael Sledge (CFO, UNC School of Medicine and UNC Faculty Physicians)
(919) 962-9278

Jamie Smith

HCS System Director, Board Relations
To reach UNC Health Board of Directors and Health Care Special Events
(919) 966-4161

Crystal Walker

Project Coordinator
To reach Dr. B. Anthony Lindsey (Chief Medical Officer, UNC Health and Executive Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs) and clinical and basic science chair searches
(919) 966-8622