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UNC School of Medicine Departments
Our 20 clinical and 8 basic science departments are key in achieving excellence in research, education, and patient care. At the University of North Carolina, we are uniquely poised to harness opportunities to collaborate across departments and with other colleges and schools of the University, making ground-breaking foundational research and creative practice a reality.

UNC School of Medicine Centers & Institutes
Below is a list of official School of Medicine centers and institutes at the University of Chapel Hill.

School of Medicine Centers not found here can be found under Programs & Initiatives or under individual departments.

Why Centers and Institutes?
Solving the most challenging problems of the day requires innovation and collaboration. Research centers and institutes at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provide the infrastructure and support services necessary to help scholars and scientists produce their best work.

When they join a center or institute, faculty members typically retain their appointments in discipline-based departments, continuing to teach students and mentor graduate students. By carrying new knowledge back to their home departments, these faculty members help keep their disciplines on the cutting edge.

Research centers and institutes also help the state’s economy. Their ability to address real-world problems in a comprehensive manner attracts external funding and helps North Carolina compete for economic-development opportunities. a thriving research center or institute is a powerful force for new ideas and beneficial change. See more

UNC School of Medicine Research & Clinical Initiatives Programs
Interdisciplinary research, clinical and curricular units across the School of Medicine support innovative department and cross-department programs that advance research and exceptional patient care.