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As we announced earlier this year, the MED 2020 accepted students are deferred to MED 2021.

In order to honor that deferment we are unable to accept new applications for MED 2021, thus the MED application will not open this October. We have a wait-list in place and do not anticipate any additional positions becoming available for summer 2021.


MED often represents the next step in your journey to a career in the health professions. We are working diligently to create other online resources for all students seeking a health professions career. We are currently overhauling our website and look forward to planning virtual opportunitiesĀ  to provide insight and support on the journey to a medical or dental profession. Please check back frequently for updates!

If you have a question regarding the MED Program, please contact Claudis Polk or Lisa Long We will respond as timely as possible given current events. We urge you all to stay safe and well!

The Medical Education Development (MED) Program is an intensive educational experience and challenging opportunity to gain insight into the realities of attending medical or dental school.

The MED Program was established in 1974 and is designed to increase opportunities in the health professions for individuals who demonstrate educational promise and commitment to a health career but who have lacked opportunities in the past in moving toward their professional goals. The MED Program is sponsored by the University of North Carolina Schools of Medicine and Adams School of Dentistry, and the State of North Carolina. The program offers a structured summer curriculum at the level of professional education to increase the ability of advanced pre-professional candidates, especially those who are underrepresented, to compete successfully for admission to health professional schools.


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