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The Offices of Medical Student Education (OMSE) seeks a co-director for the cardiology block of the Circulation Course during the first semester of Foundation Phase.  Circulation is the third course in the Foundation Phase and is composed of both benign hematology and cardiology content.   The course occurs yearly, beginning around the last week of October and ending before the winter holiday break.  The course directors work with the Medical Science directors, foundation sciences coil directors, and the Foundation Phase team to oversee the curricular content, organization, assessments, and evaluations for Circulation.  The course directors are expected to teach the majority of the content during the large group interactive sessions throughout the course. The co-director must be committed to curriculum evaluation with the aim of continual quality improvement.

The new co-director will partner with the existing Foundation Phase team and the hematology block director with respect to the design, management, evaluation, and enhancement of the course. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Outcomes: Develop, design, and implement course level objectives linked to the school’s educational objectives and competencies.  Align course content with SOM objectives.
  • Content and Assessment: Develop curricular content, methods of pedagogy and medical student assessment that are appropriate for achievement of the course and school’s educational objectives. This includes working with the medical science directors to create the block NBME exam and the end of semester cumulative exams.  Additionally, the course director will work closely with the Case Based Learning (CBL) leaders to refine the CBL cases and the Clinical Reasoning Exam.  
  • Integration and Coordination: Sequence course content with an eye towards integration with other Foundation Phase Courses.
  • Review and Improvement: Participate in regular review and revision of the course using multiple measures including national norms of accomplishment and student feedback under the auspices of the Foundation Phase committee and Education Committee.  Work closely with the Foundation Phase team to continually improve and innovate the course.
  • Supervision and Teaching: The course directors are expected to teach the majority of the block specific clinical content themselves and work closely with the foundational science coil directors to ensure inclusion in teaching of the foundational science material. We expect the teaching to be done using the Peer Accelerated Learning model or other interactive methods agreed upon by the Medical Science team.
  • Administration: Ensure that SOM educational policies are being followed within the course e.g., formative feedback, narrative assessment, grade timeliness, etc.
    • Work with Medical Science directors to create remediation and make up academic plans for students needing to make up or repeat the course during the summer.
    • Update teaching materials yearly
    • Serve on the Foundation Phase Committee as a voting member.
    • Attend all Foundation Phase meetings (currently scheduled the first Thursday of the month from 3:30-5pm).
    • Communicate and implement decisions made at Foundation Phase meetings with relevant instructors in the course.
    • Ensure the Foundation Phase team is well-informed of policies and plans and provide support as necessary.
    • Hold regular office hours and communicate with students who need additional assistance regularly.
    • Attend faculty development sessions as scheduled (currently two scheduled during the Spring 2024), attend at least two CBL sessions spring 2024 and 2 PALS sessions spring of 2024.

Preference will be given to candidates with fellowship training in adult and/or pediatric cardiology. The co-director will receive 20% salary support up to an educational salary cap on an annual basis. Ideal candidates will be interviewed with a final selection being made the end of March with salary support beginning July 2024. Nominations and applications (including a CV and personal statement) will be accepted by Kathleen (Kathy) Barnhouse, Assistant Dean for Pre-Clinical Education ( until February 16, 2024.By applying for this position, candidates agree to a review of all relevant teaching evaluations.  Statements of support from division chief/chairs will be solicited from select candidates after an initial review.