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Michael Sledge has stepped away from his position as the UNC School of Medicine chief financial officer to focus on his work as vice president and chief business officer of the UNC Clinical Research Alliance and to serve as UNC Health’s interim vice president for research. In addition to his work with the Clinical Research Alliance and with UNC Health and UNC-Chapel Hill clinical research efforts, Sledge serves as associate dean for business development.

“There are a number of things to be proud of over the last six plus years I have served in various financial leadership roles for the School of Medicine, UNC Faculty Physicians and UNC Physicians,” Sledge said. “What I am most proud of, however, is the finance team I will leave the work to, especially my senior leadership team. I was fortunate to inherit a very good team from my predecessor, Patsy Oliver. The team has grown, in number as well as in capability, and I am confident that they will continue to shine under Karlina’s leadership. SOM finances are in good hands.

Sledge also shared thanks to all leaders, faculty and staff members across UNC Health and the School of Medicine who supported him and helped him become a strong leader.

“The knowledge and lessons learned here will be invaluable in my work with research colleagues,” he said. “I am excited about the impacts we will have to improve the health and quality of life of those we serve.”

Associate Dean for Administration, Karlina Matthews, MBA, will become the School of Medicine’s interim CFO. Matthews has been with the School of Medicine since 2002, serving as associate chair for administration with a focus on finances in the Department of Psychiatry for more than four years, and serving as associate dean for administration for the School of Medicine since 2019. The role transitions took place on March 1.