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UNC Health offers integrative medical groups visits for patients who would like to connect with other brain tumor patients at UNC Health. Integrative medical group visits provide patients with information on important topics, such as nutrition and exercise, that can benefit patients with brain tumors and other neurological diseases.

Who can join?

Our first group is for patients with brain tumors, and the second group is for patients with neurofibromatosis wo are interested in meeting with other patients and exploring new ways to improve their quality of life. Both groups will meet over Zoom.

Meetings will be led by Dr. Soma Sengupta, Division Chief of Neuro-Oncology at UNC Health.

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining one of our integrative medical groups, please email your name and phone number to our neuro-oncology nurse navigator, Ann Dixon, via MyChart or call the oncology triage line at 984-974-0000. Patients will then be contacted to confirm their spot in the group by our neurology schedulers.

Group Topics:

Week 1: What is integrative medicine and why it is useful for patients and their families?

Week 2: Nutrition, and Resources for Nutrition by Dr. Aisha Chilcoat, ND

Week 3: Mindfulness and Meditation by Dr. Susan Gaylord, PhD

Week 4: Exercise and Complementary Therapies by Amanda Corbett, Pharm D

Week 5: Herbal Medicine by Amanda Corbett, Pharm D

Week 6: Wrap Up

Each week, patients’ check-in with Dr. Sengupta about their health. Check-ins can happen in the presence of the group, or there is always the option to talk to Dr. Sengupta privately about your health in a Zoom-based breakout room.

How do I cancel my integrative medicine group visit?

If you cannot make it to group one week, call the Center for Rehabilitation Care at 984-974-4401 and cancel your appointments. For medical emergencies, call 911.

Who do I contact to answer my questions?

For non-urgent questions regarding the integrative medicine sessions, please message Dr. Soma Sengupta on MyChart.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on each patient’s insurance. Because the group visits are considered a medical visit, patients are charged the same amount as a visit with Dr. Sengupta in clinic at the Lineberger Cancer Center. If you would like to speak with a financial counselor to figure out the cost, please message your nurse navigator on MyChart.

General tips for virtual visits:

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable place
  2. Plug in your phone or computer
  3. Get ear buds/headphones if that helps with privacy
  4. Get on 10 minutes earlier to make sure everything is working
  5. Honor each other’s privacy (we will talk more about how to do this during our first meeting)