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Information vetted by Dr. Amir Barzin and Gavin Young in UNC Communications, who oversees the Carolina Together website.


Do faculty and staff exposed to COVID need to inform EHS (Employee Health)?

Employees who believe they have been exposed to COVID do not need to report this to EHS but should follow quarantine guidelines and consult their medical providers if they have questions. Faculty and staff who have symptoms of COVID should contact their medical provider; students should contact Campus Health.

What is the difference between isolation and quarantine as this was confused in several deans minds. Could the distinction be explained?

In short, people should quarantine when they have been in close contact with someone with COVID (vaccinated asymptomatic individuals do not need to quarantine) and everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should isolate when they test positive for COVID. More information on quarantine and isolation protocols can be found on the Carolina Together website.

Does Campus Health do contact tracing? If not them, who? Does it occur?

Campus Health conducts contact tracing when a member of the Carolina community – including students, faculty and staff – tests positive for COVID-19. More information on contact tracing is available on the Carolina Together website.