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Q: What do I do if I test positive for or am exposed to COVID?

A: The below websites will provide important information for university employees:

  • University Environment, Health and Safety COVID-19 Guide:
    • Reference under “Employee Health Guidance” includes:
      • Guidance if you test positive for COVID
      • Guidance if you were exposed to someone with COVID
      • COVID Wellness Check
      • COVID Vaccine Information and Safety Training


Q: What can I discuss with my team about positive test results?

A: If you become aware of a positive COVID case or infection, there are limited circumstances where it will be appropriate to share someone’s personal health information with others.

Consistent with the State Human Resources Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, as well as other privacy considerations, UNC-Chapel Hill schools, departments and units should not communicate about COVID positive cases broadly to their populations.


In some circumstances, it will be appropriate to communicate about specific campus populations. In those cases, decisions will be made based upon approved guidelines and in careful consultation with Campus Health, EHS, OCHD and the affected schools, departments and units.

For additional information about campus communications and communications with students, please visit the Carolina Together website.


Q: Where can I find information about masks?

A: The University’s current mask guidance is listed on the Carolina Together website and on the EHS website (scroll down on the site and click on “Masks” to expand for additional information).


Disposable masks for SOM employees will continue to be supplied by the University to departments and units through orders through the CPE Framework.


Clinical Employees

Links to resources related to COVID exposure and illness for UNC School of Medicine employees and UNC Health employees are provided. It is important to note that guidance for what to do following a positive test or exposure to COVID-19 is changing rapidly and the information on these websites will change over time. Resources will be different depending on which organization is your employer, so please review carefully.

Q: What do I do if I test positive or am exposed to COVID?

A: Employees who work at the UNC Medical Center can contact the UNC Health COVID Helpline at 984-215-5668 for questions and to receive guidance.

Employees who work at Rex or other UNC Health locations should contact their respective Occupational Health teams to report test results and receive guidance.