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The UNC School of Medicine launched a pilot program in early 2022 to fund professional development expenses for school staff members including the cost of courses, certificate programs, conferences and more. Following the program’s successful launch, the award program will return in January to support more professional development opportunities for staff members.

Staff can visit this document for details on how to apply, eligibility, deadlines and more.

Three of the 2022 program’s many grant recipients shared their experience with the application process and the development opportunities they are exploring as a result:

Kevin Cao, Jaspers Lab manager and research specialist

“The application process for this grant was very smooth and this program was generous enough to cover for all the expenses of attending the Society of Toxicology Conference. Attending the conference allowed me to gain valuable experience presenting data to a live audience for the first time; something that has not been possible for the past couple of years! I was also able to attend a neurotoxicology seminar highlighting novel technologies used to advance visualization of spatial molecular alterations and behavioral phenotyping. I also thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the other fields of toxicology through the various poster sessions!”

Amy Cole, School of Medicine Information Technology project manager

“I was excited to have received the School of Medicine’s professional development grant. This allowed me to enroll in intensive coursework that expanded my knowledge on a variety of key topics, such as quality control, change control systems, strategic business planning and risk management. This coursework also helped me prepare for earning my Project Management Professional credential, a universally recognized certification for project managers. Overall, this professional development opportunity allowed me to enhance my project management skills, which can be directly applied to building our Clinical Research IT Program Management capability that supports the School of Medicine’s strategic initiatives.”

Paul Marini, Radiology director of operations and strategy

“I am so grateful for the School of Medicine Staff Development Grant Program. It afforded me the opportunity to participate in the flagship Executive Program from the American College of Healthcare Executives. This rigorous, three month program covered a wide variety of unique insights on topics relevant to the specific challenges healthcare leaders face. It also included a comprehensive 360 review from the Center for Creative Leadership and I took part in three individualized coaching sessions from a nationally recognized healthcare leadership coach. My individual coaching sessions focused on my career goals, including what is needed for my own fulfillment, value of contribution, competencies required for success, and how my goals align with my needs. This educational opportunity has been a game changer for my development as a leader in the School of Medicine.”