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Update: The University parking office has delayed this transition to Monday, Sept. 25.

In one week, on Sept. 1, One Cards that are more than three years old will no longer open assigned parking gates on campus.

If you use your One Card to access gated parking, please click here to find out if your card needs to be updated to ensure access and to read about how to update your physical One Card.  

Last week, the University shared an update on a new option to transition a physical One Card to a mobile One Card.  

Students, employees and others with a One Card can now switch their physical card to a digital version on iPhones and Apple Watches. Please click here to read additional details about this change. Details about how to use a digital One Card on an Android device can be found at the bottom of the page. 

If you choose to make your One Card digital, please read all requirements for your identification photo to ensure your photo is not rejected by the digital system. 

An important note about these updates 

  • Teammates can choose to use either a physical card to open gated parking access or a digital card but cannot choose to use both 
  • A SOM ID cannot be used to access gated parking for University employees; a physical or mobile One Card is required.